Dessfi uses the DeFi system, which means "decentralized finance". It is a system that seeks to create an ecosystem of open-source transparent financial services, which stays available 24 hours a day for everyone and operates without authorities, such as banks, for example. Users have full control over their assets and interact with this ecosystem.


Dessfi's Max Supply will be 1,000,000 tokens, making the currency assertive and more accessible to everyone in the crypto market.


We use the ERC-20 protocol on our tokens, as it enables the easy creation of assets, being accessible, agile, protected, and it uses smart contracts. It is an Ethereum Network contract, known in the whole world by its security and decentralization.

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The agility, quality, and security you need in your trade!


Dessfi offers you all the security of the DeFi system, so your trades are always of the highest quality. We offer you our accessible and very functional currency.

Our coin

Our ticker DESS
1 DESS = $50,00


Wider global access

Decentralized finances help to break status, wealth, and location barriers that impede global access to the financial world - which most developed countries consider natural.

Accessible global payments.

By eliminating the need for mediators, the DeFi services decrease the average global remittance rates from its current and expensive 7% to a much cheaper average of 3%.

Censorship-resistant transactions.

A DeFi system cannot be censored or closed by governments or big corporations. A system such as this one can bring the feeling of stability and an alternative option in countries where the existing government or financial institutions are corrupt or not reliable.



DeFi System

Speed and convenience

System security

Accepted at great Exchanges

Ethereum Blockchain

Exponential Appreciation


Make the crypto
the best
of your life!

With Dessfi, you guarantee a better crypto experience, as we are an accessible, secure, and easy-to-use currency. Everything in our platform is made seeking to make the trader's life easier, including those that just entered this market.